Vol. 5 No. 2, 2019

Vol. 5 No. 2, 2019

Factors affecting Body Mass Index (BMI) of Government Employees in Nepal
Ramesh Prasad Tharu

Relationship Between Teacher’s Self-Efficacy and Students’ Achievement at Secondary Level
Mumtaz Khan and Shafqat Rasool

Improved Predictive Exponential Type Estimator of Population Mean
Farkhanda Afshan, Asifa Kamal and Mahnaz Makhdom

Role of Legislation for Sustainable Environmental Management to Prevent & Control Dengue Fever Epidemic: Case Study on Dengue Regulations for Epidemic Control in Cantonment Town, Lahore, 2012-2017
Muhammad Shahid Rasool, Irshad Khokhar and Mahmood Khalid Qamar

Identification of Metaphor in Discourse
Maratab Ali, Imtiaz Ahmad, Anam Shehzadi and Zeshan Rasool

The Role of Social Media Conversations in Consumers Actual Purchase with the Mediating Role of Cognitive Dissonance
Hamza Moatsim and Rab Nawaz Lodhi

Investigating Mediation Effect of Customer Satisfaction in the Relationship between Trust and Commitment to Customer Loyalty
Fahad Iqbal, Abdul Aziz Khan Niazi, Tehmina Fiaz Qazi and Abdul Basit

Identification of Factors Behind Academic Performance: A Case Study of University of Gujrat Students
Maryam Bibi, Zaheer Abbas, Erum Shahzadi and Jawaria Kiran