Vol. 3 No. 2, 2017

             Vol. 3 No. 2, 2017

             Cover Page

The Influence of Corporate Governance on Level of Earnings Management: A Case Study of Karachi Stock Exchange
H.M. Adnan Akhtar, M.A. Majid Makki and Shoaib Aslam 
Maximization of Power in Randomized Clinical Trials using the Minimization Treatment Allocation Technique: A Simulation Study
           C Show Marange, Raymond T Chiruka, Andrew Mandeya, Joanne C Tyler and G Anita Heeren

 On A Bivariate Generalized Alternative Hyper-Poisson Distribution 
            Muhammad Shoaib, Zafar Iqbal and Munir Ahmad
 Bayesian Inference & Ranking of Factors Affecting Student Academic Performance using Method of Paired Comparison
            Syed Adil Hussain, Alina Anwar, Manan Ayoub and Taha Hasan
 Impact of Social Media on Family Life
            Muhammad Rashid Salaria and Beenish Ambereen
 Analysis of the Regional Potentials of Development in the Western, Southern and Eastern States of the Sudan through using Factor and Cluster Analysis, 2011 
           Mozamel Elnair Somi Kakitla and Adam Hassan Takola Omer
Classifying Healthcare Consumers’ Decision Making about Healthcare Providers: Discriminant Analysis Approach
            Zaheer Abbas and Safia Khalid 
Factors Affecting Young Female Consumer’s Behavior towards Branded Apparels in Lahore
           Iqra Inayat and Asifa Kamal

 Environment, Informal Sector Employment and Poverty: Comparative Analysis of Pakistan and India 
            Rana Ejaz Ali Khan and Mariam Abbas Soharwardi
 Demand for Real Money Balances by Business Sector: An Econometric Investigation
            Hina Ali, Imran Sharif Chaudhry and Iqra Hameed
 Review of Malaysian Tenth Health Plan 2011-2015
            Imran Anwar Ujan, Zainatul Shima Abdullah, Zulifqar Haider and Mohd Adam Suhaimi