Dear Fellows,
My wish is to bring all Statisticians irrespective of origin, colour, creed, religion and nationalities closer to each other. Let the Statisticians working in Islamic World and Muslims at large come and collaborate their research activities with the technically advanced countries.

Scientists are scientists. Our ancestors were scientists and Alam-e-din at the same time and our Alam-e-din were scientists. Let us go through the history of our ancestors and their achievements. We will be surprised to know that there are two chapters in Old Testaments one on “Statistics” (Numbers) and the second on “Population” (Exodus). The Quran, also talk about Statistics on a number of locations and numerous times the word “ADAD” have occurred in it.

It is also a fact that first “Household Expenditure Survey” was conducted by Hazarat Omar (Razi Allah). There would be numerous other examples of the development of statistics in the history of Islam but we seem to be ignorant of this. Let someone dig the history of Statistics during post Islamic era. Let us also honour our Statisticians of repute and bring their life history to the public in general and to statistical community in particular.

We cannot progress in isolation, we need each other, and we need to work together. May God help us in helping each other and come up to the expectations of our brothers and sisters.

Dr. Munir Ahmad 
26th April, 2006