Letter from Datuk Dr. Abdul Rahman Hasan (Chief Statistician – Department of Statistics, Malaysia) details

Journal of Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences (J-ISOSS)

ISSN: 2313-7800

The aim of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and to promote intellectual discussions, research analyses, and pragmatic studies including critiques on topics relevant to wider area of social sciences. J-ISOSS is a high-quality and a multidisciplinary journal devoted to fields of Accounting and Finance, Management, Strategic Management and Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing and International Trade, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business Economics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Sustainability, Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Islamic Finance, Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital, Business Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Performance Management, leadership, Corporate Disclosures, Behavioral Finance,¬†business and public administration and many other areas of physical and social sciences. Scholars and professionals are invited to contribute their knowledge and experience. It is the only “Multidisciplinary Journal in Social Sciences” published by Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences¬†(ISOSS). J-ISOSS publishes only original research papers, research notes and reviews. Papers may be in the form of book review, original manuscripts etc. All manuscripts undergo strict double-blind peer reviews.

Our policy is to continue to play a special role in presenting research in all fields of knowledge that are likely to have a significant impact on statistical methodologies. The Editorial Board is committed to raise the standard of the Journal to a leading international journal.

Aims and Objective
The Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences (ISOSS) was established in 1988 and is one of the most prestigious society. As a society, its main aim is to promote statistics as a tool of scientific research useful in all areas of research. The J-ISOSS provides an intellectual platform for the international scholars and promotes interdisciplinary research. The main objectives of the Society are to:

  • promote applied statistics research and to advance knowledge and understanding of statistics
  • disseminate the results of statistical research to other fields of knowledge
  • support students, teachers and researchers in their areas of research

Islamic Countries Society of Statistical Sciences (ISOSS), Lahore, Pakistan.